Experience Italy the way you've always wanted to

When traveling with Nada's Italy, you will realize you will not feel like you're on a tour, but rather, like you're traveling with a small group of friends.
Enjoy the local lifestyle, traditions, regional food & wine, countryside villages, and incredible historical sites with expert Italian guides.
Packed with unique activities and luxury services, our tours are perfect for those who want to be part of the culture as an insider and still have plenty of free time to get to know Italy in a more authentic, relaxed way.

What makes Nada’s Italy tours different

These are only some of the many advantages you will experience when choosing to travel with Nada's Italy. We are proud and grateful to have many repeat customers who know their expectations will always be surpassed.

  • Fully Escorted Itineraries by knowledgeable and friendly local Italian tour guides who will give you the inside scoop.
  • Stays in unique accommodations. A 13th-century Villa overlooking the hills of Tuscany which produces its own wine and olive oil, or try a Medieval Castle with its own antiques museum, an upscale boutique hotel overlooking the breath-taking Amalfi Coast, or a luxury hotel on one of the most historical streets of Florence? Either way, you are sure to have an exciting and memorable experience during your stay on a Nada’s Italy tour. We work with independently owned hotels that are centrally located and have historical relevance, so you can interact with welcoming locals who will make you feel right at home.
  • Private Luxury Transportation. Move conveniently around large cities and small villages with professional drivers, licensed to access no-traffic areas.
  • 11 day/10 night packages. All Nada's Italy tours start on Friday, end on Monday (over two weekends = less days off work).
  • Unbeatable Value. Seasoned travelers know that if they were to do everything we do on our tours on their own, they would spend close to 3 TIMES the amount they spend when signing up for our tours. The costs of luxury services such as private guides, private drivers, a full-time tour leader, among others, are split among other travelers so you end up getting MORE and paying LESS.
  • Relaxed pace. There is always free time on your own during day trips for shopping, exploring, relaxing, etc. so you can do what YOU want to do!
  • Zero stress: enjoy relaxed breakfasts & leisurely mornings. Longer hotel stays allow you to get settled in and waste less time packing & unpacking. Everything is taken care of so you can stop thinking about logistics, the language barrier, and worrying about missing out on the “good stuff”.
  • Small groups. Limited to 6 - 12 travelers: our groups can access places big tours can’t (family-owned restaurants, boutique wineries, scenic routes, and off-the-beaten-path hilltop villages) and you get more personal attention.
  • Valuable Materials and useful travel goodies to get you excited for your Italian adventure!
  • Delicious Bountiful Meals. What is a trip to Italy without great food? And of course, plenty of wine in family-owned trattorias featuring tasty home-made dishes.
  • Unique Activities. Immerse yourself in the history and local lifestyle: fun cooking classes, visits to cheese & olive farms, exclusive winery tours, VIP preferred museum access, private boat rides, guided market tours, and much more!
  • Pre-Trip Assistance. Expert travel advice and packing help by our friendly staff to make sure you’re prepared.
  • Personal approach. Get to know local artisans, wine-makers, farmers, and get access to extraordinary destinations where you will feel especially pampered in an exclusive but friendly environment.
  • No luggage limit. While many other tour companies have strict luggage limits, Nada’s Italy lets you bring as much or as little as you want (but airline restrictions still apply, so prepare accordingly).
  • Customer Loyalty Reward. After your first trip, you’ll receive a DISCOUNT on all your future trips with Nada's Italy!