Concierge Services

Private Groups Tours

With Nada’s Italy we are able to create the perfect vacation for your organization, group or community!

Corporate Retreats

Your executive team is the life-blood of your business. Team building is a lost art among many organizations – here at Nada’s Italy we specialize in true Corporate Retreat & Vacation Incentive Programs! Enhance key personnel retention and attract higher level employees. Organize annual retreats for your top employees and their spouses to truly feel a part of the team. Create tighter bonds with the backbone of your company and develop new synergies with a proven program for your staff. A vacation plan for your teams will improve performance and reinvigorate your top team members far beyond belief. Make this program the quintessential component to the growth of your business today!

Non-Profit Organization

Nada’s Italy has a passion for working with Non-Profit Organizations and Educational Institutions. We work exclusively with businesses to provide complete programs to generate funding to charitable causes through travel. Many donors and alumni groups need a vivid experience along with all of their giving to create a well-rounded platform of incentives. Small group travel serves as the perfect incentive for affluent audiences looking for more in life!

Active Lifestyle Communities

Members of your community are accustom to the finer things in life! Enjoying early retirement can certainly give someone the travel-bug and with Nada’s Italy we have proven programs with Active Lifestyle Communities all across the country who are enjoying exclusive packages for their members! As a Lifestyle Director it is an all-encompassing role to perfect annual activities for an eclectic audience and that is where our travel programs come right in. We deliver small group experiences that are absolutely life changing. These programs not only will generate ways to sell more homes for your community but, keep more members completely enthralled with your programs.