USA Team


Arthur Monroe

General Sales Manager

Originally from Rhode Island, Arthur grew up on tasty Italian cuisine made by his mother, whose background is from Venice and Naples. He graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a Business Degree in Management Science and Information Systems. He has worked for several Fortune 500 Companies and has over 20 years Sales Management and Business Intelligence experience. With a love for warm weather and beautiful beaches, Arthurmoved to Florida in 2010 and hasn’t looked back. For hobbies, Arthur enjoys playing guitar, wood work, and spending time with his daughter.


Darius McDougle

Marketing Manager

Darius is originally from Detroit Michigan, home of Motown Records, where he began his journey for marketing success! After earning Marketing & Computer Graphics Degrees from Purdue University and multiple certifications in the digital marketing field, Darius advanced through a career of awards & honors in many business verticals. Darius oversees the Nada’s Italy marketing department and with his combination of talents and passion for all things marketing plays a vital role in the growth of the company. He is an avid philanthropist and member of local as well as international non-profit organizations and is one of South Florida's Top 40 under 40 professionals.


Russell Thompson

Accounting Manager

Originally from New York, Russell “Russ” moved to south Florida in the late 1990’s and hasn’t shoveled snow since. An energetic and ambitious accounting professional with a passion for mathematics, Russell has worked for multiple Fortune 500 companies before transitioning from sales to spreadsheets. He graduated from Florida Atlantic University with degrees in psychology, accountancy, and a minor in business law. An avid learner, he’s working on becoming a Certified Public Accountant in the near future. His easy-going and fun-loving personality brings a great deal of positivity into his interactions with both coworkers and clients. Russell loves the outdoors and his favorite stress-reliever and passion is martial arts.


Jessica Burgio

Signature Reservations Manager

Jessica was born in Messina, Sicily and spent several years in Pistoia, Tuscany, and Rome. She relocated to Florida in 2010 and has worked in the travel and hospitality industry for over 15 years. As a hobby, she is currently pursuing a degree in psychology at Florida Atlantic University. With her role as Reservations Manager at Nada's Italy, she looks forward to sharing her knowledge of Italy’s culture, language, food, traditions and history with our travelers. When she is not working, Jessica spends all of her free time with her young daughter Demetra, who is her real "boss".


Betty Bernet

ByDesign Reservations Manager

Betty was born in the Southern Italian region of Puglia (or Apulia in English, the heel of Italy’s boot!) and lived in the Friuli region up in the North East (way up north!). Besides being perfectly bilingual in Italian and English, Betty holds a degree in translation studies, including Spanish and Portuguese. Betty supports Martina with Nada's Italy ByDesign services. She is very detail oriented, sweet, and has a warm, accommodating personality. In her words: "I enjoy cycling in my spare time, especially through green ways, and spending time with my family, my dog and my soul mate."


Simona Normand

ByDesign Manager

Simona was born and raised in Catania, Sicily. Few years after she graduated with a Master’s Degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures she moved to United States and jumped into the travel business right away and worked as a travel agent for almost 15 years. She loves to share the love for her country, its culture, the smells, and the food with all the travelers who enjoy exploring the world as much as she does. Simona is part of the ByDesign team and the World Travel Program at Nada’s Italy. On her days off, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her two children and dog.


Laura Pagani

ByDesign Reservations Assistant

Laura was born in Saronno, a city in the Northern Italian region of Lombardia, where the famous “Amaretto di Saronno” liqueur is made. She received a Masters degree in Political Science at the University of Milan and launched her career as a registered journalist, combining her passion for travel and writing. While working for various Italian publications, she was able to visit all European countries, Northern Africa, the Middle East, and the USA, where she relocated in 2016. During her free time, she likes to ride her “Moto Guzzi” motorcycle up the North Carolina mountains, cuddle her sweet cat “Apple”, and make delicious Italian meals with her hubby.


Lisa Daspit

Accounting Assistant

Originally from Nebraska, Lisa’s parents decided to escape the cold weather when she was 5 and make South Florida their home. After spending a few years in the hospitality business, she discovered a passion for math, which lead her to a career in accounting. Lisa has been an Accounts Receivable Specialist for over ten years and is currently working on her Associate of Science in Accounting. She brings an upbeat, bubbly personality with enthusiasm for teamwork. After marrying into an Italian family, Lisa became the proud mother to her two daughters, Madison and Brielle. She enjoys family cookouts and when she finds time to herself, she enjoys reading and scrapbooking.


Daria Donnelly

Journey Coordinator

With an Italian mother and English father, Daria, a native Floridian, was born with a spirit of adventure and love for travel. She spent four years living and working in Rome, while enjoying the summer months on the glamorous Amalfi Coast. This strengthened her love and passion for Italy, which she enjoys sharing with everyone she meets. After working in the healthcare system as a radiologic technologist for several years, Daria decided to focus her full attention on her family and raising her boys, Giovanni and Luca. Eager to use her knowledge of Italy and the Italian language, she decided to then move into the travel field and join the Nada’s Italy team.


Jesse Fell

Boutique Store Manager

Jesse grew up in Northeastern Maryland, and has spent much of his life traveling around the Eastern United States with his family. In 2014, while studying Italian in Orlando, this on-the-go lifestyle inspired him to sell his car, pack up his belongings and travel to Italy to tutor English to Italian children. After eight years of Italian Language studies, Jesse speaks the language fluently. He loves to share his passion for Italy and its language, culture, and way of life with everyone he meets. Jesse supports Martina, Simona, and Betty with Nada’s Italy ByDesign services, and lovingly creates a Welcome Box for every traveler on Nada’s Italy tours!.


Antonio Falvella

ByDesign Specialist

Originally from Naples, Italy, Antonio lived in London for almost 15 years before moving to South Florida with his family in 2014. He graduated in Italy with the equivalent of a MA in Art History and Medieval History. While in England, Antonio worked in Retail Sales Management and Operations for many high-end fashion brands and the iconic department store, Harrods. An avid reader, deeply proud of his collection of over 2,000 books, Antonio is a cheerful and passionate storyteller. His desire to reconnect with his Italian heritage and be a cultural “ambassador” lead him to join Nada’s Italy. During his spare time, he enjoys writing, drawing, and being with his lovely wife and two daughters.


Reba Larney

Journey Expert

Originally from Philadelphia and with a diverse professional background, Reba is a very outgoing individual who loves interacting face-to-face with people. As she loves to be involved in the community, you will most likely see her at a Chamber of Commerce networking event or at a charity fundraising function. Previously an Employee Benefits Consultant, Reba transitioned into the hospitality industry after moving to South Florida as the Sales and Marketing Manager of a popular fine-dining establishment. Reba loves the water and enjoys boating, swimming, and spending time at the beach. She has two beautiful daughters and loves living in sunny Florida with her boyfriend and their dog.


Sabatino Nappi

Journey Expert

Originally from New England, Sabatino or “Saba”, began his sales career in the real estate industry in 2003, obtaining his broker’s license in 2005. While he enjoyed working in both residential and commercial markets, he realized that he was ready for a change when he and his wife decided to start a family. As many others, they chose to move away from the cold winters, and settle in South Florida in 2015. When not talking to customers, Saba is now a busy dad to two boys. He is a passionate New England sports fan, loves to eat healthy and be active, and enjoys going back up North to visit family. With a mischievously innocent smile, Saba is considered the “lovable prankster” of the team.