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All About The Castel Del Monte

All About The Castel Del Monte
18 November 2020

The country of Italy is full of amazing attractions and tourist destinations that must be visited when vacationing in this part of the world. But while most travelers are excited to go visit the Vatican or the Amalfi Coast, one of the most overlooked destinations in the world is the Castel Del Monte. And if you know very little about it or have never even heard of this historical building, then continue reading below. The Castel Del Monte is full of religious richness that any theology aficionado will appreciate.

What is The Castel Del Monte?

The Castel Del Monte (Italian for "Castle of the Mountain") is a citadel and castle that was constructed in the 13th-century on a hill in Andrian in the Apulia region of southeast Italy. When Emperor Frederick II had this castle constructed near Bari, he imbued it with symbolic significance - the location, mathematical, and astronomical precision of the layout and perfect shape of this building exemplify this.

The Purpose of The Castel Del Monte

While it simply stands today as a popular tourist destination, the Castel Del Monte's original purpose actually possesses a rich history to it.

The overall purpose of the castle wasn't just meant to stand out to be pretty, nor was it meant to be a defensive military fort. Its primary purpose was to reflect the broad education and cultural perspective of its founder, Emperor Frederick II. Frederick II was a leader of modern humanism as his castle was constructed in order to bring scholars together in his court throughout the Mediterranean. This was so that he could bring experts of science, theology, philosophy, and alchemy from various regions together in order to exchange their knowledge and findings. thus combining Eastern and Western traditions.

The Design of The Castel Del Monte

The architectural style of the castle served as a metaphor for Emperor Frederick II's cultural perspective as well as a means to signify the building's spiritual purpose itself. The octagonal design of the Castel Del Monte had towers at each angle, each of which representing a search for perfection. But apart from the exterior design, the interior reflected Eastern influences including innovative hydraulic installation used by Frederick II for bathing in accord to typical Arabic customs.

The design of the Castel Del Monte had a formal perfective trait to it that harmoniously blended cultural elements from Northern Europe, Muslim lifestyle and theology, and even classical antiquity. The building today serves as a hotspot tourist destination that signifies the unique and beautiful masterpiece of medieval architecture. But more so, it also signifies the humanist ideals of its founder, Emperor Frederick II.

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