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A Statement From Nada Vergili (Corona Virus)

25 February 2020

I just returned from our 5th Annual Italy Team Retreat where I got to spend some time with our fabulous Journey Directors and City Guides. True professionals coming together for this special gathering from all corners of Italy. While in Florence, we shared ideas for a better tour experience and to elevate the lifetime journey to an even higher level of satisfaction for our beloved travelers in 2020.


Everyone’s passion for our clients and profession was evident, with hearts full of enthusiasm and eagerness, ready to share their vast knowledge of the territory and expertise (in true Italian fashion, of course, with lots of hand gestures too.. to a non-Italian it could’ve sounded like arguing, hahaha). 

I am proud beyond words of both my US and Italy teams.

My heart is filled with gratitude and pride for being surrounded by such caring, talented, and hardworking individuals. If there's one thing I can brag about, it’s being able to find the right people.


After the excitement and productive days of our retreat, I returned home to see an increased news coverage regarding the Corona virus.

As in other alarming scenarios since I began this business, such as the Ebola virus, Iceland’s volcano erupting, various terrorist attacks, the stock market crash, election years, gas prices, exchange rate, plane malfunctions, strikes, floods, fires, etc. I realize that there’s always going to be SOMETHING.


Those of you who are well-traveled know this and know how not to let the media and every “possible but not likely” scenario ruin your travel plans or your life.


I understand its human nature to worry, but thankfully, our clients are smart travelers and understand how to discern a real threat from a perceived one.

At this time, it is important to keep things in the right perspective.


At this point, only people with severe pathological conditions can be exposed to serious consequences from being infected by the Corona virus. If a person who is in normal health gets infected (odds of this are extremely low at this time), doctors from the most important hospitals and medical universities are stating that they will only deal with the common symptoms of a regular flu. The regular flu kills thousands of people every year worldwide but no one usually panics because of that.


There is no restriction to travel to Italy and to Europe at this time and we are keeping a close eye on any alerts and developments in Italy. Every precaution is taken by the Italian Government aims at avoiding the spreading of this virus. 

I will be back to Northern Italy again in April and will have the chance to personally evaluate the situation at that time.


Some stats:

The COVID-19 (aka Corona virus) has killed 2,600 people so far GLOBALLY and it has been reported that deaths occurred in individuals who were already sick or had compromised immune systems.


600 people are killed each year by elephants.

2,500 left-handed Americans die each year after using right-handed items incorrectly.

6,600 have died and 120,000 hospitalized during the '19-'20 flu season just in the USA.

7,000 deaths occur annually in the US because of incorrect medicine prescriptions or wrongful dosage.

10,500 die in the USA from getting hit by a drunk driver.

11,700 Americans die on average annually by being shot by another American.

36,000 Americans die each year from falling in their own home.


Please know this: as a solid Company with an extraordinary reputation for 15+ years, Nada’s Italy and staff will always do everything within our power to keep our clients safe from danger and areas at risk.


At this time, we will continue running our tours to Italy as scheduled.  Modifications to itineraries are possible as precautionary measures. 


Do NOT let your fear keep you from your right to live life fully and joyfully. Don’t let media hype dictate what you can and cannot do. 

Enjoy everything this life has to offer and more importantly, keep things in the right perspective.


Buon Viaggio and keep enjoying life!


Nada Vergili