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5 Restaurants In ITALY That Will Change Your Life

16 December 2019
When traveling abroad one of the most important elements to the trip is enjoying your dining experiences. In Italy, there is an abundance of amazing restaurants and local hidden gems that have the most delectable meals. Have you ever tried a new dish or a spin on an old dish that absolutely took your breath away? Italy is known for leading epic culinary journeys to paradise and we have 5 restaurants to tell you about that will change your life.

Ranked in the world's best restaurants list, Combal.Zero holds two Michelin Stars, which is the hallmark of fine dining quality in restaurants around the world. Based in Rivioli, the lead chef Davide Scabin experiments with luscious ingredients, thoughtful textures, and higher temperatures to reinvent classic cuisines. With fine choices that will create a taste explosion like barbecue sweetbreads and squid bolognese, which are both local favorites, Chef Davide starts his menu with the most complex dish and ending with the lightest. The lobster carpaccio with gorgonzola fondue and sea lettuce is a small plate that melts the taste buds as it is seasoned to perfection and sets the stage for courses to follow. The World-Class wines served compliment and pair amazingly with the three-course meals at Combal.Zero. By the end of the meal, you will certainly never forget this beautiful experience.

Florence is the home of Enoteca Pinchiorri, whose Chef Annie Feolde is the first woman in Italy to earn three Michelin Stars. Her innovative Italian cooking style pairs nicely with an incredible wine selection by sommelier Giorgio Pinchiorri. The dishes within this fine cuisine restaurant range from veal loin cooked in the pan with pepper, snow peas, silver skin onions and white potatoes to grilled sea scallops, slightly smoked polenta foam, mortadella, green apple and green beans with Bronte pistachios. The philosophy of the restaurant is "The kitchen is a laboratory where ideas take shape, where the best ingredients are blended in the quest for innovation, with respect for local and regional traditions." You will definitely want to bring your sweet tooth to this luxurious restaurant. The dessert menu is as long as the meal course menu with items like spicy dark chocolate ribbon pancetta & candied fruit. Chef Annie Feolde has ensured a superb meal from the start to the finish.

In the "World's Best 50 Restaurants List" ranked #34 & holding three Michelin Stars is Le Calandre located in Rubano. Le Calandre is a contemporary designed restaurant in its decor. The aesthetic sets the scene for their modern Italian meal choices. Chef Max Alajmo is world renowned for his famous Cuttlefish Cappuccino and Hand-chopped Piemontese beef with black summer truffles. The motto of Le Calandre is " Cuisine is like a needle that passing repeatedly through small holes creates a thread so thin and strong that it unconsciously binds us all." Since 1981 Le Calandre has created impeccable meals, won countless awards & provides a menu that is unlike any other. 

Located on the mysterious Lake Cosmo's misty Comacina Island, Locanda dell'Isola proves to have a visual splendor in its scenic landscape that matches its delicacies within the menu. Locanda dell'Isola is well-known for their Rottami di pollo in padella, which is a high-quality chicken that is butterflied, fried in an iron pot with oil and then put in a wood-fired oven. Since 1947, each of the 5 courses served has a signature appeal that flows wonderfully into the next to offer a balanced uncompromising meal. In keeping with tradition, at the end of the meal, a bell sounds and a host burns brandy in a pot while explaining the history of Comacina Island. Sugar and coffee are then added to the liquor and served for a unique and unforgettable finish for this once in a lifetime experience.

Noted as one of the most romantic restaurants in Italy, for its almost dream-like surroundings with hundreds of illuminated candles & instrumental serenaded dinners; this culinary experience will do more than impress! Ristorante La Sponda's chef Gennaro Russo serves Mediterranean-inspired meals with fresh ingredients local to Amalfi. Overlooking the sea and shaded by bamboo awnings the ambiance is incredibly lovely, especially with lemon trees and flowers delicately embarking on the surroundings. The views of Positano are breathtaking at this seductive restaurant, which has all the staples of a heavenly retreat. This will be your most delicious memory by far!

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