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Why we are different

16 February 2016

A lot of people ask “Why are you different from other tour companies”?

Well, if you have traveled with us or had any interaction with our team, you know the answer to that!

At Nada’s Italy we strive to make sure our clients don’t just book a trip to Italy, we want to make sure you feel like family. Part of this process is making your trip more than just a tour but more of an experience. Nada has always had a passion for her homeland that she strives to share with everyone she comes into contact with but especially the folks who join us on a tour (or 6!) Italy for us is not just an item to cross off the bucket list, it is a way of life.

How do we do this you may ask? Well, for starters, when you call us you will always speak to a human and chances are, that human will be with you from your very first question to the minute you return home from your amazing Italian Adventure. Our entire staff is a big Italian family themselves and we want to make sure that your experience is comprised of more than just the details of booking a tour.

Throughout the year we have started hosting customer appreciation events-some people may wonder why we would bother to go to such lengths and expense. For us the answer is simple, we love our clients and they are the reason for our growth and continued success as a company. We have developed relationships with so many of our travelers and become involved in many aspects of their lives so it is hard to say they are just “clients”. We encourage you to come visit us at our travel center, join us for a glass of wine or just call to check in on what is new and upcoming.

You may be considering traveling this year and be in the process of debating between us and a tour company that charges less for their services. We understand that cost can be a factor but the relationships you will develop and the customer service you receive at Nada’s Italy is truly priceless.

We appreciate you taking the time to visit with us and if we haven’t had the chance to meet you yet, well, we look forward to the opportunity!