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What makes a tour so special? Our tour directors of course!

15 July 2015

This month's spotlight is on
Senior Nada’s Italy Tour Director
Leonardo Alessi

Leonardo “Leo” is an amazingly warm person, extremely knowledgeable, and friendly. Groups get along with him the minute they meet him and want to take him home once the tour is over. There have been many tears shed for Leo, so be fore-warned if he’s your Tour Director! Leo was born and raised in Florence where he studied languages at the University. Following his desire to venture out, see the world, and meet people of different cultures, Leo got his certification and started working as a tour guide in 1999.

After a few months of working together, Nada and Leo realized their own mothers were best friends and grew up in the same neighborhood! This in turn, created an emotional reunion of the “Mammas” who are now best-friends again. He loves to make new friends, learn, teach, share, enjoy (and eat!). He now trains and coordinates other Nada’s Italy Tour Directors on various itineraries and has become an important reference point for Nada and her team. During a tour, you might often wonder whether he is working or playing, as he poses the question “Are there any other jobs as fun as mine?”.
Leo is one of our most popular tour directors but you have to come with us to Italy if you want to meet him!