Italian Lessons

The first class is $30 and will be an introduction to the Italian language, plus an assessment of your current knowledge level. 


During this class you can also ask any questions and express the goals you’d like to achieve, so we can gear your learning experience around your specific needs.

We do not follow a “one size fits all” template, but prefer to customize each class to you, so we can provide a service that will keep you interested and involved. As you can imagine, learning a language can be intimidating and challenging at times, so our goal is to make sure it’s a fun and exciting activity for you each and every time.


We have several Italian instructors on our team, each with their own unique style, but all friendly and very eager to share not only their knowledge, but their love for the Italian culture with you.


If you decide to move forward after the intro class, each following class is $75 for 60-minutes. You can have up to 3 others join you at any time with no extra charge. The only thing we ask is that people don’t “jump in” after class started, in order to avoid distracting you and others, and interrupting the flow of the class. Of course, we want you to get as much out of this as possible. :)


If you purchase a package of 10 classes after you’ve taken the introductory class, the cost is $675 (a total of $75 in savings, so basically you get a free class).


For payment, we take Visa and Mastercard and it can all be done through our website. The only thing you’ll need is a computer, internet connection, and a pen & paper for notes.


Introductory Class

introductory class



Single Class

1- 60 minute class



Class Package

10 classes