Kartos Stationary

 From the GOLD series drawings with precious prints decorated with gold dust, to those inspired by the most current graphics. From notebooks to address books, from block notes, to small accessories, from paper that cover, wrap or decorate objects to gift wrapping paper, from boxes to classic writing papers, from parchments to greeting cards; This was and is the universe in which TOSCANA CARTE PREGIATE works with unchanged attention and professionalism.
The materials used are always guaranteed to respect the environment; The paper which is all high quality (some of which are formulated exclusively for KARTOS products) come from certified Italian companies.

Creativity, passion, competence, ethical sense, evolution, attention to new trends, are today the characteristics that distinguish those who work at TOSCANA CARTE PREGIATE.  A streamlined and dynamic organization attentive to the needs of the customer, which always puts, at the centre of its activity, the quality and care of the products and works with the unchanged professionalism that has always distinguished the brand KARTOS.