Nada’s Italy “My Epic Journey” Contest

You don’t have to be a professional writer to enter, just speak from your heart. Everyone has something special to share about themselves and we would love to hear it!

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1st Prize Winner is awarded a trip for 2 to Italy! Choose among our 10 Signature Tours valued up to $12,000!

2nd Prize wins a $5,000 credit with Nada’s Italy they can apply to any ByDesign service or Nada’s Italy tour package!

3rd Prize wins a $2,000 credit with Nada’s Italy they can apply to any ByDesign service or Nada’s Italy tour package!

All winners will also receive an Italian gift-basket with tasty treats! See Official Contest Rules for complete details, terms & conditions.

FINAL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY: January 31st, 2017. Contest winners will be announced on: March 1st, 2017!

Your story could also be included in Nada’s upcoming book! If it is, you will receive a free copy of the book once it is published!

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Choose from the 4 Essay Topics below and use them to guide you in writing your story.

You can submit 1 story per Topic, with a maximum of 4 essay submissions per person.

We highly recommend that you first create a draft of your story in a Word document or similar format and save it to your computer. Give yourself some time to edit, polish and fine-tune it until you feel it is ready to be submitted. Then simply copy & paste your story into one of the text fields below.

Tip! Be descriptive, share how you felt in the moment, and write as if you were talking to a friend.

Topic #1

Feeling lost is something that happens on a trip but can also happen in life. Draw parallels between getting lost on the road and feeling lost in life. Share a time in your life when you felt lost. What happened that took you off-course? How did you feel? What did it mean to you? Did this change your life? If so, how? How did it affect those around you? What did you do to “find your way”? What do you do today that is different that helps you stay “on track” and aligned with your values, goals, and purpose?

Topic #2

A compass can help us find our way, find direction, and is an essential tool to ensure we reach our destination. Each of us has a compass for our life, explain who or what is your compass. What or who helps you center yourself and focus on where you want to go, what you want to achieve? What is the tool that keeps you motivated and focused on your destination/goal? Describe an episode of when you were able to reach a very important goal and how you did it. What helps you face the “detours” in your life?

Topic #3

Just like traveling, the journey of life offers opportunities to connect with others and discover who we are. Certain trips are meant to be remembered, just as certain people, places, and events. Describe the most memorable trip you’ve ever taken. Why was it so memorable? Where were you and who were you with? What happened? (does not have to be in Italy) Was there a story you learned? Was it funny? Was it sad? Did it help you connect with others? If so, in which way? Did you learn something about yourself?

Topic #4

Traveling can bring people together, as sharing unique experiences can create a connection unlike any other. But a bad travel mate can ruin even the best of vacations. Some travel mates come and go, while others stay with us for our entire journey of life. Is there “a perfect travel mate” in your life? Who is it and how have they influenced you? What “life journeys” have you been through together? Are they still in your life? If not, what is it like to “travel solo”? Have you ever “dumped” a bad travel mate?

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